Smart Agreements platform for freelancers.

Create proposals, get signatures, enforce terms and collect payments across borders fast. Get more done.

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Built by freelancers and agency owners
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Introducing Smart Agreements

We crafted Smart Agreements with the vision of becoming the new standard for how work happens in  professional services.

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Ready to send legal agreements

Contract lawyer-written agreements. Bulletproof and ready for use with clients around the world.

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Automated agreement updates

Your agreement updates itself programatically when new change requests or terms are introduced.

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Connect everything

Automatically log updates, communications & files to agreements. Simplify dispute resolution.

Win Work. Blazingly Fast.

Simple agreements with clear milestones that give clients the confidence to sign. Fast.

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Get paid faster. Keep more of your money.

Work with anyone across the globe and receive cross border payments fast and cheap.

Air-tight terms. Auto-enforced.

Less difficult client conversations. Hugo's AI is like having a lawyer as your assistant - it grasps your agreement's key terms and auto enforces them.

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Connect your tools. Increase transparency.

Organise all your updates, communications & files into a single place. Connect Hugo to G-Suite, Slack & Notion.

Never fear disputes.

One click export of your entire project feed and country specific legal docs. Simplifying your legal proceedings.

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No more

Difficult money conversations


Tested & loved by 

testimonial - Josh
I'm an introvert. I hate having difficult conversations when new requirements pop up. Hugo takes care of enforcement, so I can focus on delivering fast, so my clients are happy.  
testimonial image - Mathilde
I love spending time learning and being creative. I don't enjoy the business operations side of freelancing, but that is taken care of by Hugo.
testimonial image - Swathi
Product designer
Details matter in product design. It's easy to miss an email with a random thought from a client, but with everything in one spot, I don't miss a thing!
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Join the revolution

We're launching our Beta on Product Hunt in March '23. Join the waitlist.

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Built by freelancers and agency owners